Established in 2020, Researcher and Research positions itself as a professional market and strategy research company.

Strategic Study, our current research service, is reports of market and strategy analysis, focusing on analysis of EV markets and strategies for key enterprises.

Currently, Strategic Study reports include Worldwide Monthly BEV and PHEV Tracker. We plan to publish 12 Worldwide Monthly BEV and PHEV Tracker annually.

Our research service, like an exclusive advisor to a manager, will regularly analyze noteworthy strategies and trends.

We are willing to share new ideas and perspectives with our clients, and we hope that Strategic Study can help managers quickly get the key points of strategy, have unique industry and market insights, and have a logical basis when making important decisions.

We always do our analysis within the framework of an entire industry or market, so we are completely out of the framework of analysis of current affairs and we are good at using our ability of induction and trend research to provide useful and innovative ideas to our clients.

Becoming a reliable market and strategy research firm is what Researcher and Research hopes to achieve.


Our strength

As people today are drowning in a sea of information, reports that can be analyzed in depth and present in a simple way are more and more valuable, especially important information that can assist managers in making decisions about future investments.

Because we attach great importance to research methods and analytical frameworks, we keep taking great effort to actively exploring new thinking for our research, so as to establish the value of research, and all analysis is based on people-oriented considerations rather than long-standing material-oriented values.

Therefore, the problems will not be appeared in our research service that fragmented analysis and inconsistent conclusions that are often found in the general news media; or that the views of the we media are easily affected by personal values (the background factors such as family, education, society and etc.); or that the information of the professional business and financial media conflicts from time to time, and opinions often vary from person to person; or that research institutes focus more on the provision of industry and market data rather than doing strategy analysis; or that the burden of high prices from business consulting services companies.

We are positioned to be the advisor to managers. As the industry and market change every day, we understand that customers need quickly get the key points and how to make a judgement becomes very important.

Therefore, each report published by Researcher and Research is based on a solid analysis of the results of the research. It is not just personal opinions and comments, but also an information service that matches the strategy research and trend analysis required by professional managers.


Co-prosperity with society

Why we take market and strategy research so seriously?

We believe that enterprises are already one of the most important aspects of society and they have had great influence on the logic of social functioning and even guide the future social development path through the various corporate strategies.

Furthermore, we also focus on market research, hoping to use our own strength to observe and analyze how the market works and its possible impact, and etc., and whether it can bring positive effect or show other deeper meanings to the society.

Although our company is small, we are part of the society.

We are a market and strategy research company with great values. Therefore, we expect our research to help our clients and establish new thinking. And we also hope that we can bring positive influence to the society and deliver important value through our research.

This is something we can do well, and it is also a way for us to give back to society.


Our research services

Researcher and Research analyzes key market trends and corporate strategies through Strategic Study and provide our clients with in-depth analysis and unique perspectives.

Annual subscription of Strategic Study includes (1) Worldwide Monthly BEV and PHEV Tracker, and depending on the size of the business, each is divided into Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and Large Enterprise (LE); the main difference is that SME is for companies with 499 employees or less, while LE is for companies with 500 employees or more. Therefore, there are two subscription plans in total.

Annual subscription fees for Worldwide Monthly BEV and PHEV Tracker for SME and LE are US$729 and US$2,149, respectively.

Though we do not offer a free trial, we do provide sample Strategic Study for your reference and you can learn more about our research and writing style. You can see here for subscription plans and we believe Strategic Study is your best source for market and strategy information.

And most important of all is STAY SAFE, wherever you are.