Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) Do you offer a free trial?

No. We do not offer a free trial. But we suggest you read our sample Strategic Study or subscribe to our newsletter Global EV Snapshot. You can learn more about our research and writing style.

(2) How do I subscribe your service?

Please contact us directly and we will provide the relevant account information.

(3) Do you provide a custom invoice that meets my government or company requirements?

Yes, we do provide a custom invoice. If you need a custom invoice, please login your account and you can do it by yourself to meet your government or company requirements.

Here are the steps you can follow: go to “Membership”, then “Login”, go to “My Account”, find “Orders”, you can see “Invoice”. Then go to “Profile Details” to change the information you need and go back to “Invoice” to have it.

If you have another questions about custom invoice, please contact us.

(4) When will I get my report?

Currently, Strategic Study reports include Worldwide Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker, China Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker and Global EV Snapshot.

We plan to publish 4 Worldwide Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker and China Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker annually, and our publication schedule is the first month of each quarter. After completing the subscription and payment, you can receive the latest report. For example, if you subscribe to our service of Worldwide Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker and complete the payment in the third week of July 2021, we will email a report to you in October 2021. You will receive a total of 4 Worldwide Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker during your subscription period.

By subscribing to Global EV Snapshot,  you can get 4 brief but very important market analysis and corporate strategy reviews every month.

(5) Can I purchase strategic study report(s) before my subscription?

No. We do not provide one time purchase for each Worldwide Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker and China Quarterly BEV and PHEV Tracker.

(6) Can I get a refund?

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via email, we offer NO refunds and you can receive the remaining report(s) till the end of your subscription.

(7) Can I share Strategic Study reports with anyone else?

No. The Strategic Study reports are intended for one subscriber only. Sharing emails or any other forms of report sharing is a violation of Researcher and Research’s Terms of Service, and your account may be suspended or even cancelled without any refund.