Our Research Method

Our research method was an inductive study that used in-depth interviews and archival data to to discover market trends and strategies of different enterprises.

We applied the logic that was exploration-, discovery-, and induction-oriented, and applied a situational understanding to discover crucial scopes, instead of imposing previous expectations on the discovered phenomenon or situation.

An inductive analysis approach was adopted to examine the commonalities and differences within the data and to explore the dimensions displayed in the data and the multiple interrelationships among them to facilitate the discovery of possible emerging models.

For building the research, we have three steps:


We attempted that we are as tools by integrating data related to study questions, and sought to integrate and identify meaningful categories.

We used data mining until the categories were fleshed out and a continuous and clear regularity emerged.


We continued to explore and reflect on the meaning behind the data to avoid post hoc explanation traps.

We repeatedly examined these categories to ensure that they were applicable to our study data and were meaningfully linked to our study.

We then followed these focus points and gathered in themes.


We reflected on the data to verify whether the themes complied with and could effectively be included in a comprehensive scope.

We revised this scope until the data were not only included but also aptly placed, and reflected our study questions and concerns, enabling us to conceptualize the business strategy through induction and interpretation.

Our efforts assisted us in clarifying and understanding the data, and implementing grounding and sensemaking through repeating data analysis.

This is a process of constructing meaning from data through analyzing data based on relevant evidence empirically.