Japan became the global top ten electric vehicle sales country for the first time in January 2022

As a member of the R-N-M Alliance, the Japanese carmaker Nissan began selling the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle (EV) a decade ago and has become one of the world's longest-selling battery electric vehicle (BEV) models. However, the Japanese government and automakers appear to be overly conservative in their stance on the development of the EV market compared to the other major auto industry powers and automakers. They strongly support hybrid cars as the most logical option for Japanese automakers and their auto market to transition from petrol cars to EVs. Therefore, Japanese carmakers have not been active in EV sales in recent years, and the development of the domestic EV market in Japan is relatively slow. According to Researcher and Research LLC, Japan was the world's fourth-largest auto market with 2.399 million passenger cars sold in 2021, just behind China with 20.857 million, the US with 14.936 million, and Germany